4/04/81 - Eurovision Song Contest, Dublin

On Saturday 3 April 1981, the 26th Eurovision Song Contest was held in Dublin.

The Europe-wide popular music competition was won by the UK's Buck's Fizz with their song Making Your Mind Up, beating Germany's Lena Valaitis into second place and France's Jean Gabilou into third. A total of twenty countries, including Turkey and Israel, participated in the contest, equalling a record set in Paris in 1978. Cyprus took part for the first time, finishing at a respectable 6th place. Switzerland gained the greatest number of  the maximum '12 points', arriving in fourth with their Italian language song performed by trio Peter, Sue and Marc.

Behind The Scenes At Eurovision 1981. pic. RTE archives

The four piece vocal group Bucks Fizz had been formed especially for the Eurovision Song Contest and had been selected from the UK's own Song for Europe contest in March. They created a memorable dance routine famous for the moment when the two male members in the group rip off the skirts of the two girls, revealing a shorter skirt underneath.
After winning the contest and gaining a British number one record, the group continued their career with further hits during the 1980s, such as The Land Of Make Believe and My Camera Never Lies.

source: eurovision.tv, wikipedia

The complete show can be seen here (youtube)

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