01/01/1981: Wood and Walters TV series pilot

As a tribute to Victoria Wood who passed away today, we are making a special post dedicated to her TV series Wood and Walters whose pilot show "Wood and Walters: Two Creatures Great and Small" was broadcast by Granada Television in the UK on the first day of 1981.

text adapted from wikipedia:

After turning down the female role in the satirical sketch show Not The Nine O'Clock News in 1979, Wood was offered a sketch show of her own. She agreed only on the understanding that Julie Walters received equal billing. Wood had in fact only ever written one sketch three years earlier before being given her own show. She fell back on songs, which she felt was her strength, and the pilot for Wood and Walters contained four in 30 minutes. The sketches concerned themselves with Marriage Guidance Council, keep fit classes, DIY and gossip.
Wood hated the finished result, so was very surprised that the show was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Light Entertainment Programme alongside The Two Ronnies, The Kenny Everett Video Show and The Stanley Baxter Series (which won).

A complete series of  Wood and Walters was broadcast from 1 January 1982.

Victoria Wood, comedienne. 1953-2016

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