17/4/81: Budding pop singer Madonna writes to her brother

On Friday 17 April 1981 (Good Friday) budding pop star Madonna Ciccone (b. 1958) sends a letter to her brother Christopher in Detroit telling him of how her career in the music business is progressing in New York. She tells him how she is now working with new manager CAmille Barbone and getting her own band together.
She also tells him how she is now living near Madison Square Gardens, "where someday I'll play", further adding, "I've written some great rap tunes, they're great to dance to...''.

Madonna released her first single in late 1982, and her first album in July 1983. She went on to play two shows at Madison Square Gardens in June 1985.

source: Nate Sanders /the-saleroom.com

 Madonna Underground Club Performance in New York City. 1981/ pic. madonna scrapbook

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