7/3/81: FA Cup Sixth Round

The sixth round of FA Cup games were played on Saturday 7 March 1981.

Out of four matches, there were three replays, which took place on 10–11 March. Tottenham Hotspur were the only team to get through to the semi finals without a replay.

Tottenham Hotspur 2–0 Exeter City

Middlesbrough 1–1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
replay: Wolverhampton Wanderers    3–1 Middlesbrough

Everton   2–2 Manchester City
replay: Manchester City 3–1 Everton

Nottingham Forest 3–3 Ipswich Town
replay: Ipswich Town      1–0 Nottingham Forest

pic: Getty images
The picture shows Ipswich Town manager Bobby Robson (1933 -2009) during their match against Nottingham Forest at the City Ground in Nottingham. Ipswich would eventually be beaten by runners-up Manchester City in the semi finals but still under Robson would go on to win the UEFA Cup in 1981, and finish as league runners-up in 1981 and 1982.

Robson became the England national team manager from July 1982, eventually taking England to the World Cup semi-final in 1990.

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