18/3/81: Mt. Etna volcano erupting

One of Etna's most dramatic and destructive eruptions occurred between 17 and 23 March 1981 on the north-northwestern flank of the volcano in Sicily. The town of Randazzo narrowly escaped destruction.
Randazzo, Sicily on 18 March 1981
On Wednesday 18 March, the lava flow passed between Randazzo and Montelaguardia and entered into the bed of the Alcantara river. On its course, it interrupted several major roads, the Circumetnea railway and the Italian State railway (FS) as well as power lines, causing a temporary blackout in Randazzo. The flow eventually stopped on 20 March.

The remains of a stately country house nr. Randazzo, some time after the eruption 

sources and pics.: INGV, volcanodiscovery.com

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