01/07/81: Three of a Kind comedy series launched on BBC1

On Wednesday 1 July 1981 a new comedy series Three of a Kind was launched on BBC 1 in the UK. The show starred three British comedians David Copperfield, Tracey Ullman and Lenny Henry. (below l-r)

Three of a Kind was a funny, fast-moving, non-satirical, mainstream sketch show that made Tracey Ullman a household name and emphasised the burgeoning talent of Lenny Henry. The third member of the team, David Copperfield (real name Stanley Barlow) did not capitalise on the success of the piece as much as his two co-stars but was equally important to its balance.

The show's state-of-the-art presentation, often using early computer graphics, was ground-breaking although makes it seem dated when viewed today, more so than other contemporary comedies that were not so high-tech.

source: BBC Guide to Comedy

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