13/2/81: Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' live in Dortmund

On Friday 13 February British rock band Pink Floyd played the first of eight consecutive nights in Dortmund, Germany as part of their 1980-1981 The Wall Tour. This was the first time that the concert had been performed in mainland Europe, after opening in the USA in a year previously and shows in the UK in August 1980.

pic.: artnet.com
These liver performances of the album The Wall were noted for their ambitious stage set-up whereby a wall was physically built up throughout the performance, effectively isolating the band from the audience, in line with the concept of the original album and writer and performer Roger Waters' feelings towards his music and performance.

Dortmund in West Germany was said to have been chosen as a location for the concerts in order to reflect the condition of the Berlin Wall, still in force at the time. At the end of the Pink Floyd show "The Wall" is demolished as part of the show.

source: brain-damage.co.uk

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