12/1/81: Sheena Easton and John Peel

On the evening of Monday 12th January, 1981 Radio One DJ John Peel started his show by playing Sheena Easton's new single Take My Time, and asking the question, "is it too early to nominate an album of the year for 1981?", clearly referring to Easton's eponymous album which had just been released.


Peel's surprising admiration for the Scottish chanteuse was midway between genuine and tongue-in-cheek sarcastic, although in 1980 he had openly expressed his appreciation of Easton's 9 to 5 single, a stark contrast to his usual music tastes and choices. Peel is better known for championing punk and new-wave bands such as The Undertones, Altered Images, The Fall and Joy Division.

John Peel in 1982. Pic: Peel Wiki

Take My Time as a single only reached no. 44 in the UK charts although the album got to no. 17 in mid-February, its only week in the Top 20 album chart. Easton was more successful later in the year lending her vocal talents to the theme song to 1981 James Bond movie For Your Eyes only.

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